The Genesis of this Blog

This blog was born out of a burning desire to remove the clutter from my home and transorm my house into the home I want it to be. This blog is different than most other blogs on the subject of reducing clutter, organizing and cleaning. I am no expert on the subject – quite the opposite; however, I hope to become one in my pursuit to transform my home from a place of chaos and clutter to a place where I feel relaxed and at peace.  This blog will chronicle my journey to transform my own home into a place of serenity.  I believe if I can do it, then anyone else who is struggling to rid themselves of chaos and clutter can too.  And it is my hope that by sharing ideas I learn along my journey I can help and motivate others who may also need help ridding themselves of clutter and reclaiming order in their homes.

In my continuing effort to dig out from the seemingly insurmountable, I am always looking for books and articles with ideas to aid in my efforts.  I have found many great ideas to put into practice along the way.  However, it is the “putting into practice” that seems to be giving me difficulty.  Aside from life just being busy and my difficulty parting with things, a big part of the reason I have failed in the past is because I want to see immediate results.  Even if I make progress in one area of the home, I tend to focus on the areas that have not been touched. I get overwhelmed with how much there is yet to be done, and eventually my motivation wanes and I find myself back at square one. 

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided I would keep a journal, documenting my progress each day.  I decided I would do this for one year, in hopes that by the end of the year, my house would be in order.  Quite a different approach from past attempts – in which I expected immediate gratification.  However, it is a much more realistic approach, and hopefully one that will result in a system that ulimately simplifies life in my home. 

I welcome any and all feedback — from those who are like me and struggling, as well as from those who are naturally organized who might have some good pointers.   I hope I do reach at least a few out there who face similar struggles with clutter who wish to join me in this year-long challenge to clean house.  Let’s do it together and start enjoying our homes and living life!

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